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Fall 2020 Update

By now it seems clear that we are all living through a major turning point in history, one that will be studied for years to come. Future textbook authors will write entries on the year 2020, revise them, and revise them some more with each new edition. The worldwide events in 2020 are unprecedented to say the least and it has affected every corner of the world. We are not sure how long this will last however most readings have us “back to normal” (whatever that is) in 2022.

 Iron Creek is pleased to still be “standing” and we would like to thank each and every patron as well as all of our staff for taking on the challenge this year with patience and understanding. As you know, we had a very late start to our season coupled with government restrictions due to COVID-19 but we feel very good about the way our staff and course has weathered this pandemic to date. It is sometimes difficult to look past the current state of unrest but we continue to work hard and the show must go on! 

Fall is a great time to play the game we love and we expect the course to be active up until our course closing day of November 1, 2020.

We have included an update on all open projects and our 2021 Seasonal Golf Pass rates are below for your consideration.

Our Road to “NATURAL GOLF” at Iron Creek

We are very pleased to announce the next step in our course transformation at Iron Creek ……Our Road to “Natural Golf”. For the last two years we have worked hard to improve our facility and course, we have made several club house, course and overall business changes as to how Iron Creek operates. 2021 will be no different as we have plenty of improvements planned for our course. We have developed a Five Year Master plan that will see more distance, shape and our course rated by the OGA.

To accomplish this, we have contracted the services of famed golf course designer Paul Janzen. Paul has been at the forefront of international golf course design in Europe for some time and his biography can been seen here

Paul has been the lead architect for Nick Faldo the last several years and is now in the “Americas” and sharing his deep knowledge of Golf Course Design, sustainability and concern for the environment.

Paul has concluded his onsite review of the Iron Creek Property and is constructing a comprehensive Master Plan for us to follow that will bring Iron Creek to the forefront in our region for quality golf. Over the years, Paul has developed a 12 step guiding philosophy that Iron Creek will embrace and implement on each aspect of our course over the next several years.  

The Core Principals we will follow are:

  1. The golf course must be identifiable with its surroundings
  2. All man-made features must look as natural as possible
  3. The golf course must be strategic, and make you think, from start to finish
  4. Variety is critical to making the golf course fun and playable for all levels
  5. Standards / Guidelines are always secondary to interest and every hole should be interesting.
  6. The golf course should offer many tempting and memorable shot opportunities
  7. Hazards should excite, add interest, but not necessarily penalise
  8. The green complex should have a distinctive character and defend the hole
  9. Ground contours are important
  10. Visual "surprises" that are not penal are memorable
  11. Width is important
  12. The Golf Course must be sustainable

The Environment will also be at the heart of what we do as an organization. We will have a strong focus on environmental and sustainable practices and our plans will contribute to the environment.
We will go through and produce an Environmental Audit or roadmap to becoming more economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.

Over the next 60 months, you will see constant work being done at our course, hole by hole, we will get to our end goal of “Natural Golf” which includes more distance, refined shaping, added hazards and being rated by the Ontario Golf Association. The Master plan will not be ready until the end of November however at first glance it looks like we will be redesigning the course to a par 71 and approximately 6350 yards from the Championship Tee Blocks!

Here is an example of some of Paul’s proposed changes on our Hole #17


As most of you know our current in ground irrigation system has limitations in both size and coverage for our course. To date our crew has done a fantastic job of keeping greens and t-decks playable during the warm stretches of the summer months and we continue to hear great feedback on the quality and condition of our greens.

Fairways and connections at most greens are still an ongoing issue and to help rectify this we are pleased to announce we have engaged Vanden Bussche Irrigation to develop a comprehensive master irrigation plan for our course. This plan will be developed in conjunction with our new layout and should be ready by years end. What equipment we are able to secure and install will be 100% based on our financial operating budget and most likely will be completed in stages along with our course reconfiguration over the next 60 months.  Improved playability at Iron Creek is at the core of our strategic plan.  



The 2020 Season saw each of our three leagues enjoy increases in participation. Men’s, Seniors and Ladies’ leagues all had active participation and we look forward to increasing each of these in 2021. A large thank you to Vince Penny (Men’s League), Ron Semple (Senior Men’s) and Karen Rimnyak (Ladies League) for their efforts in organization these weekly outings. Each group enjoyed the weekly comradery along with some light competition. We will look to continue growing these leagues in 2021 and expanding its format.



This past season we continued to invest in our core infrastructure to ensure our team has the right equipment to job safely and effectively. This investment is a commitment to playability and to enhance the overall playing experience at Iron Creek. This year we added 21 Electric carts, 33 new Sun Mountain walking carts along with various fairway cutters, dump trailers and tractors. We are planning to add another 20 new electric carts to our fleet next season.


2020 introduced our new commitment to Junior Golf at Iron Creek. Partnering with Golf London, Iron Creek transformed a portion of our property to hosting restricted junior camps. Despite the challenges presented to junior sports during this year of Covid-19, we are super happy to announce that our new Iron Creek-Golf London Junior Golf Program was a terrific success!

After implementing Southwestern Public Health safety measures (limited camp sizes etc) we launched our first Junior Golf camp on Monday, July 6th 2020.

Over the course of the summer we welcomed 44 campers from over 20 families onto our well-equipped junior golf practice area and driving range.

Johann brings the following attributes to our program and junior camps will be available to book in January for summer 2021.

  • PGA of Canada - NCCP: Community Coach
  • Fanshawe Golf Coaches School: Certified Teacher
  • First Aid CPR/AED & HCP Certification
  • Police Vulnerable Sectors Check
  • 20+ years teaching experience

Age Specific Programs were developed for our program

 Iron Creek Par-Pals (6-8yrs)

 Iron Creek Birdies (9-11yrs)

 Iron Creek Eagles(12-14yrs)


We are dedicated to junior golfers as we believe they are the future of this game and our club. Our goal is to have Junior Golf as an integral part of the future of Iron Creek and we will continue to expand this program with Johann Kinting .



2020 was a pivotal year for Iron Creek, we accomplished several milestones and took some key elements off our long term list. Some to name a few were the removal of several liability trees, safety guard rails installed on key incline paths, acquired 21 electric carts, modified our cart storage area, installed and upgraded irrigation on greens and several other smaller projects were accomplished. COVID threw us all a few wrinkles and will continue to change our world forever but our staff was unbelievable in how they handled it and I want to personally thank them for there patience.

Our project list for 2021 is full and our crew will be working hard to get ahead of it this winter. Next season you will see new contours to the fairways, refined greenside areas and several new twists to our course that will keep it both interesting and challenging. Our transformation to “Natural Golf” will continue for the next 3-5 years and we appreciate your patronage and support.  


Overall, the 2020 season was challenging at Iron Creek, however as we look ahead, we are excited about the 2021 season and the changes we are making to our course!

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Thank you! 


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